Peter Albrecht Company (PAC) has been in business since 1917. We have successfully designed, manufactured and installed most types of stage equipment --particularly motorized hoists, rigging systems and tension wire grids. We continue to offer those core products today and have used our experience to expand both our product offer and markets served.

Additional key products include Light Focusing Chairs, Concealed Lighting Enclosures and our exclusive FlexiLift system, which offers a low-cost, remote-control, 120V motorized hoist solution for a variety of light duty applications.

Peter Albrecht is an industry leader when it comes to motorized hoists for banners, chandeliers, scoreboards, scenery, acoustical curtains, front of house lighting and a variety of other applications for theaters, worship facilities, sports arenas, studios and commercial buildings.
PAC's experience, flexible manufacturing environment and vast library of previous projects allow us to excel at providing custom solutions. Count on us for safe and reliable products, motorized rigging inspection services and specification assistance!



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