Hoist applications in sports arenas and more
Peter Albrecht Company was started by a Milwaukee, WI stagehand in 1917. Over the years we have designed, manufactured, serviced and installed a wide range of theatre equipment. Our product line continues to evolve as does our market base. New technologies have been embraced by Worship Facilities, Sports Arenas, Commercial Buildings and Studios as well as Theatres
We are not afraid to tackle challenging projects. Our ability to provide custom solutions is second to none. The menu to the right and other information found on this web site give a sense of our expertise. They may not tell the most important part of our story, though, which is how we can help you.
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One of our most popular applications is Chandelier Hoists / Chandelier Lifts. Look at the diagram below.

  1. Standard Drum Hoist
  2. Vertical Pile-On Hoist
  3. Standard Pile-On Hoist
  4. Flexilift
  5. Aladdin ALL200