Chandelier Hoists


Chandelier hoist systems eliminate the need to use ladders or portable lifts to clean and service fixtures. They also provide room lighting flexibility when combined with options allowing bulbs to remain lit at any height. 

Peter Albrecht Product Offerings

  FlexiLift chandelier hoists are small, single line, 399 lb capacity hoists weighing less than 100 lbs. Wireless remote control is available. FlexiLift is a great choice for intermittent raising and lowering of chandeliers and other suspended pieces requiring less than 40 feet of travel.



Pile-On hoists are sometimes called yo-yo hoists because a single cable is wound in a drum shaped like a yo-yo. They are often a great choice for large chandeliers because they can suspend heavy loads yet have a compact design.
  Motorized drum hoists used in chandelier lift applications are typically made as single-drum, single-cable hoists. Lifting capacity and travel distance is built to specification. This style hoist can be built with a second drum and multiple lines per drum, giving the ability to raise and lower several chandeliers with a single hoist.

Aladdin Light lifts provide a cost effective solution for use in homes and non-commercial applications. Peter Albrecht is a reseller for Aladdin products and offer our rigging expertise along with every product we sell.

Application Considerations

If you have application details available, please click here to download our quote form.

We look forward to working with you to determine the best chandelier lift system for your application. To get started, please consider the following:

  1. Expectations--What will the system be used for? Is there a specification? How frequently will the system be used? What are other performance and budget expectations?
  2. Chandelier Details--What are the chandelier dimensions? What is its weight? Is it important to be able to accommodate larger sizes/weights in the future?
  3. Travel--How far does it need to travel? If the chandelier rotates when raised and lowered will that be an issue?
  4. Electrical Power--Is it important that the chandelier be lit when lowered to simplify bulb replacement, socket inspection and provide flexibility to room lighting?
  5. Hoist Location--Can the hoist be mounted directly above the chandelier? Is there room? Is there adequate support? Will the hoist be accessible for maintenance purposes and if not what are the plans to provide access for inspection and service?
  6. Hoist Details--What supply voltages are available? Where will the controls be located? Is wireless control important? Is color important?


Call us at 1-800-878-6630 or contact us on the web to get started on finding the best chandelier hoist for your application! 

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