FlexiLift Chandelier Hoist


FlexiLift Chandelier Hoist

Peter Albrecht's single-cable FlexiLift is a complete light/intermittent-duty motorized hoist perfect for a variety of chandelier lift and overhead lighting applications. It is packaged in a low-profile steel enclosure with a maximum lifting capacity of 399 lbs and maximum travel of 40 ft. Hardware for double-purchase rigging is available to double lifting capacity.

Please review the information below or see our two-cable model for long light strips, our Pile-On Hoist for heavier loads and extended travel or contact us for custom solutions.


Improve safety and reduce costs
Safely lower lightweight fixtures to ground level for ladder-free bulb replacement & fixture cleaning.

Simple, low-cost installation
Compact design (2'10" long enclosure on 3' 8" long rails X 1' W X 8" H) weighing under 100 lbs (45 kg) with a 120V power requirement make the FlexiLift easy to handle and install.

Easy to use and maintain
Requires no special training or skills.


Choice of Remote Controls
Select from hardwired with keyed or rocker switch operation or radio control.

Multiple Stop Positions Available
Add a four-position rotary limit switch to increase from two set points (stop points) to four.

Multiple FlexiLifts can be synchronized on a single control to increase lifting capacity or control several hoists at once.

Application Engineering
Our designers can assist with layout and additional rigging components for remote chandelier lift location.

Cable Reel
Stay powered even when light is lowered with an optional cable reel. Reel can be attached to the hoist frame or shipped loose. Multi-circuit configurations and travel distances to match the hoist make this an option for any FlexiLift.

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