Line Shaft Hoist


Line Shaft Hoist


Peter Albrecht Company's Model #653Z Line Shaft Hoist is an industry leader with theatre installations throughout the world. We helped pioneer the concept, which connects multiple cable drums to a single drive in an arrangement that eliminates the need for pulley systems and is well suited for both renovations and new construction alike.

Line shaft hoists are popular in the entertainment industry. Modular design allows for multiple cable drums (each is a drop point) in lengths that match line set battens and trusses. Cable drums are typically spaced on 12 foot centers and are mounted directly above the load.



PAC line shaft hoists come complete with drive assembly, grooved cable drums and cable, mounting frame, reversing starter, fused disconnect and a 4-element rotary limit switch.

  • Eliminates side loading of structure
  • Can be under-hung or floor mounted
  • Variable speed drives, secondary brakes and custom designs available
  • Manufactured in 20 ft segments or less for ease of installation


General specifications for standard line shaft hoists:
Capacity (lbs)
Speed (ft/min)
Number of Lines 2-12  
Cable Diameter (in) 1/8 to 3/4  
Travel (ft) 10 to 120
Batten Length (ft) 24 to 144
Drum Diameter (in) 7.5 minimum
Motor HP 0.75 to 10.00

Custom systems with increased capacities are readily available. Call us at 1-800-878-6630 or contact us on the web to get started on finding the best line shaft hoist for your application! 


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