Single and Multi-Line Drum Hoists


Multi-Line Drum Winch


Peter Albrecht Company offers several motorized winch configurations used for stage rigging, scoreboard hoists, chandelier lifts, and various other applications in theatres, arenas, churches and commercial buildings. Our standard drum hoist design is versatile enough to handle almost all applications, robust enough to last decades and is simple to operate.

    Each standard hoist comes equipped with:

  •   A four-element rotary limit switch, fused disconnect and
      reversing starter.
  •   Machined steel, grooved drum with a minumum diameter
      of 7.5".
  •   Gearmotor/brake assembly.
  •   Worm gear drives with high ratios. These provide inherent
      safety beacuse they do not allow back-driving. This is safer
      than secondary brakes, which require controls and other
      components subject to failure.
  •   Steel plate mounting base.
  •   All lifting cable, including a minumum of 2 dead-wraps.



    General Specifications for Sandard Multi-line Drum Hoists:

    Capacity (lbs)
    550 to 4,600 standard (custom capacities above 4600lbs are available)
    Speed (ft/min)
    11 to 23 standard  (custom speeds available)
    Number of Lines 1 to 4  
    Cable Diameter (in) 1/8 to 3/4
    Travel (ft) Manufactured per application
    Batten Length (ft) Manufactured per application
    Drum Diameter (in) 7.5 standard (other sizes produced based on capacity, travel and space limitations)
    Motor HP 0.75 to 5.0 standard

    Custom systems with increased capacities are readily available. Call us at 1-800-878-6630 or contact us on the web to get started on finding the best hoist for your application! 


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    (Single Line chandelier example)

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