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Since 1917, the Peter Albrecht name has been associated with quality stage rigging. Early product offerings included stage curtains and manual systems to reliably and creatively raise and lower loads (curtains, scenery, lights, speakers, acoustical panels, etc.) with a focus on safety and efficiency. Later PAC used its expertise to pioneer some of the first motorized rigging systems in the world through the use of electric motors, speed reducers, brakes, controls and specialized components to move and manage the load.  At that time the company competed for and won turn-key projects dealing with specification, production and installation of not only the motorized hoist systems but also sound, lights and controls for the whole theater. One of its most famous installations is the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center in New York City. Installed in 1964, this system is in constant use and is still in operation, basically unaltered.

Peter Albrecht Company (PAC) continues to be known as a manufacturer of reliable, custom-designed and well constructed motorized rigging systems. In addition to custom designs, current product offerings include: concealed light systems; scoreboard hoists; standard line shaft, banner and chandelier hoists; tension grids (wire mesh ceiling sections that allow stage hands to walk above the stage and to make adjustments to lights, etc.); rigging inspection and repair services.

PAC’s market for its traditional business has expanded to include casinos, churches, hospitals, museums, schools and other venues requiring the ability to raise and lower objects like artwork, chandeliers, museum pieces and scoreboards. Some rely on our products as an integral part of a performance or service. Others are just interested in simplifying cleaning and maintenance. In any case, look to Peter Albrecht for safe, reliable and innovative design. 

PAC, operating out of its main manufacturing facility in Greendale, Wisconsin, ships and installs throughout the world. All of our systems are designed, manufactured and optionally installed by our trained professionals.


“…safe, effective and rock-solid.”

JC, Texas Tech University

“Now, after three decades, not only is our system still in excellent operational condition, but your level of detailed attention to our service needs has far surpassed our expectations.”

JM, Studios at Las Colinas

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