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Peter Albrecht Company has manufactured products for the theatre industry since 1917. Our market has grown in the last several decades to include many other spaces interested in the benefits of motorized rigging, concealed lightingtension wire grids and related equipment. The products listed below are representative of our offer, but do not reflect our ability to quickly and cost-effectively produce custom products and to handle your entire rigging project, including design and installation.

Call us at (800) 878-6630 or contact us on the web with product and application questions or to get help specifying the right Peter Albrecht products and services for your next project. We look forward to working with you!

 FlexiLift Hoist without coverFlexiLift (Banner or Chandelier)
A compact and reliable hoist designed to lift loads up to 399 lbs. FlexiLift is available in one or two cable configurations. It is a great choice for lightweight chandeliers, theater battens and decorative pieces where hoist suspension will simplify cleaning, seasonal changes and other routine maintenance.
 FlexiLift ZF-1000 or ZF-2500
A high capacity compact hoist for 1000 or 2500lb chandeliers and single point loads that require continuous duty operation, and a compact frame. 
 Pile-On Hoist (Yo-Yo Hoist)Pile-On Chandelier Hoist
A motorized hoist capable of lifting a large chandelier quickly. This product is often used for chandeliers over 400 lbs. Pile-On hoists (sometimes referred to as yo-yo hoists) also work well for other applications requiring a single lift line. Like the FlexiLift, pile-on hoists can be packaged with cable reels to provide power to lights at all suspended heights. This option simplifies re-bulbing and makes it possible to modify room lighting for different occasions.
 Concealed LightConcealed Lighting Enclosure
Concealed enclosures keep lights and other equipment out of sight when not in use. Powered doors and drop-down brackets bring equipment into reach at the touch of a button.
 Line Shaft HoistLine shaft Hoist
A popular hoist in the theatre industry where long trusses and battens are used to carry lights, curtains and scenery. Line shaft hoists are available in capacities under 1,000 lbs up to several thousand lbs. They are multi-cable hoists manufactured in sections that typical match truss and batten lengths--often 50 ft or more. Line shaft hoists can be customized to fit your exact requirements.
 Drum HoistSingle and Multi-Line Drum Hoist
This hoist consists of a single grooved-drum fit with one or more cables. Unlike line shaft hoists, mounting location is typically away from the load and the hoist system includes pulleys, making it a natural choice for loads with non-linear suspension points. It can be designed to handle capacities in excess of 40,000 lbs.
 Scoreboard HoistScoreboard Hoist
Hoist systems designed, manufactured and installed with an unblemished safety record and decades of motorized rigging experience from projects completed around the world. Capacities available to match even the heaviest modern scoreboards.
 Self Climbing Hoist
A scoreboard, studio lighting plak, speaker cluster, or signage may require this design when no loft space is available or the surroundings require no highly visible equipment.
 Rotary Limit SwitchRotary Limit Switch
A 4-element limit switch designed by Peter Albrecht engineers. It provides precise control, is simple to set and manufactured to last many years. Our rotary limit switch is standard on most PAC hoists and is also available for individual purchase with or without an enclosure.
 Spotlight Focusing ChairLighting Focus Chair
A cost effective solution for adjusting, hanging and replacing lighting or other theatrical equipment that is out of reach. When used with harnesses, light focusing chairs are much safer and more efficient than using ladders. They can often be attached to existing trusses.
 Tension wire gridTension Grid
A wire mesh, walkable ceiling used in theatres and other performance venues. Lighting passes through the mesh and lift cables can be strung through it, making the tension wire grid an excellent choice to simplify equipment adjustment and maintenance. Tension grid systems consist of several individual panels custom designed to fit together to meet desired footprint and building support structure.
 BattenHeavy-Duty Steel Trusses and Battens
Simple and reliable structures to suspend lighting, curtains, scenery, and other theatrical or studio equipment. PAC provides standard and custom products in a variety of shapes and can include power strips to your specification.
 Custom Solutions
PAC has designed, manufactured and installed stage equipment and rigging systems for over 90 years. We are proud of our reputation and ability to provide cost-effective, custom solutions. Call us at 800-878-6630 or contact us on the web to get help finding the best products and services for your application.

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