FlexiLift ZF1000 / ZF2500

MODELS 693W and 692W


Peter Albrecht’s FlexiLift single and two line hoists are zero-fleet models designed so that they can either be mounted right above the suspended load or in a remote location. Lift cables are routed from the cable drum through a fixed pulley that is an integral part of the hoist. The cable position exiting the hoist does not change as cable is wound on and off the drum. This makes FlexiLift a great choice for applications like chandelier lifts, banner hoists (see model 697W), and suspension of museum pieces or other works of art.

Model ZF is a heavy-duty version of our compact and lightweight FlexiLift models 676W and 697W. ZF hoists are built from our commercial and theatrical hoist platform. They utilize continuous-duty brake-motors, worm gear reducers to help eliminate back-drive, upper and lower travel limit switches with back-up over-travel limits, and steel drums with machined cable grooves. They come standard with a reversing motor starter and a keyed wall-switch.



Improve safety and reduce costs
Safely lower lighting for cleaning, maintenance, and re-lamping without the use of a ladder.

Save time and minimize chances for damage during initial fixture installation by attaching top section, raising with hoist and then attaching subsequent sections.

Simplify fixture, banner, and artwork changes.

Provide means of bringing fixtures and artwork closer to the floor for examination and display and for raising them out of the way as needed.

Set independent upper and lower limit switches to prevent fixture crashes at the ceiling and at the floor.

Brake engages at loss of power and only releases when hoist is in operation.

Worm gear reducer helps eliminate back-drive. Many suspended loads will stay in place even without brake engagement.

Simple, low-cost installation
FlexiLift chandelier hoists can be mounted either right above the suspended load or off to the side.

When mounted remotely, FlexiLifts do not require a minimum distance between the hoist and any pulleys required for the application (such as loft blocks mounted right above the load or mule blocks used to route cable around other objects in the space).

Compact design
: 31" L x 21" H x 21" W (78.8 cm x 53.4 cm x 53.4 cm)

Three phase motor voltage is preferred; however, single-phase is available and motor voltage can be specified to match building availability. (Please verify prior to order.)

Long-term reliability
Designed for decades of trouble-free operation with “set-it-once” reliability.


General Specifications

 MODEL  693W (ZF1000)
 692W (ZF2500)
Maximum Lifting Capacity*
1,000 lbs (453 kg)
2,500 lbs (1,133 kg)
Travel speed 5.7 fpm (1.7 m/min)
5.7 fpm (1.7m/min)
Maximum travel distrance
40 ft (12/19 m)
40 ft (12/19 m)
Lifting cable 1/4" rotation resistant
 3/8" rotation resistant
Drum Diameter
7.5" 7.5"
Motor HP 1/2
Drive type Brake motor with double-reduction worm gear reducer Brake motor with double-reduction worm gear reducer
Dimensions  31" L x 21" H x 21" W (78.8 cm x 53.4 cm x 53.4 cm)
31" L x 22" H x 21" W (78.8 cm x 55.9 cm x 53.4 cm)
Hoist Weight
 325 lbs (148 kg)
 350 lbs (159 kg)

*Consider models 696W (one lifting cable) and 697W (two lifting cables) for loads under 399 lb and intermittent hoist operation.


Variable frequency drives for soft start/stop and additional control.

Motor voltage to match building availability—three phase is standard/preferred, single phase available. (Contact factory.)

Cable length customized for remote hoist locations.

Blocks (pulley systems) and rigging hardware.

Custom designs for heavier loads, longer travel distance, and faster speeds.

Paint color to customer specification (standard is black).

Cable reels to provide fixture power at all levels of suspension.

Application Engineering
We are happy to assist you in hoist selection and overall system design at no charge, or hire us to work out the details and create system installation drawings.

Factory representatives are available to oversee installation using your own crew or we can provide full installation support.

Call us at 1-800-878-6630 or contact us on the web to get started on finding the best hoist for your application! 


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