Self Climbing Hoists


Peter Albrecht Company's self-climbing battens, scoreboard hoists, and lighting plak’s are commonly used where ceiling access at the lifting point is limited or otherwise not suitable for a ceiling mounted or remote hoist installation. Self-climbing hoists travel up and down with the suspended load and are an integral part of its frame. 

Self-climbing hoists are often used in TV studios for multiple lighting plak's in a tight grid, in signage, and scoreboard suspension. The primary consideration for owners should include equipment access at all available hoist locations--directly above the load, remote location or integral (self-climbing). Since a self-climbing hoist will need to have a capacity that includes its own weight, the benefits of simplified installation and improved access to the hoist for inspection and maintenance should off-set increased cost associated with increased hoist capacity.  

Peter Albrecht Company designs, manufactures, installs and services motorized hoists in a variety of configurations and capacities. Contact us via the web or call 1-800-878-6630 to discuss your application!


Features and Benefits

Our self-climbing hoists share the basic design principles that have kept Peter Albrecht a leading supplier in the motorized rigging industry since 1917. We believe in simple, robust designs that will work trouble free for decades and thereby provide maximum safety to our customers. 


  • Hoist capacities designed specifically for the application. Minimize capital cost and lower operational expenses by purchasing only as much capacity as is needed.
  • Two or four drum designs typical, other configurations available. Drums are steel with a minimum diameter of 7.5 inches and machined grooves to match cable. Drum sizes customized to meet specified D/d ratios. Properly sized machined drums decrease cable wear.
  • Cast iron worm gear drives with gear ratios designed to minimize back-driving to prevent hoist from lowering from weight of scoreboard or other suspended load. Cast iron worm gear boxes provide decades of service and are considered a secondary brake by industry experts. They add built-in inherent safety without added controls or additional components.
  • Overspeed brakes, alarms, load sensors and other options available upon request.

General specifications for Self Climbing Battens, Lighting Plaks and Scoreboard Hoists

Capacity (lbs) 550 lbs to 25,000
Speed (ft/min) 10 to 23 standard  (variable speed and custom fixed speeds available)
RiggingCable diameter and rigging components sized with 8:1 safety factor standard. Other safety factors used upon request. Single-purchase and double-purchase (compound rigging with mechanical advantage of 2:1) are common.
Travel (ft) Manufactured per application
ConstructionWelded steel tube frame, steel base plate, steel drums.
Drive Brake motor and cast iron worm gear drive sized and specified based on application. Typical HP's range from 1 to 15. 
 ControlsRemotely-mounted, hard-wired control panel is standard. Scoreboard hoists include presets for "up/storage", "down/floor" and "play" positions. Rotary limit switch, fused disconnect and reversing motor started are standard (VFD optional).


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