Rotary Limit Switch

Rotary Limit Switch with enclosure

Peter Albrecht's Rotary Limit Switch is a four-element, rotating-shaft, limit switch intended for use on equipment where machinery movement can be used to drive a gear assembly that mechanically correlates position to shaft turns.

Our assembly includes one travel limit and one over-travel limit in both rotational directions. The input shaft has a 70-turn limit. Motor control power is interrupted by a micro-switch when limits are reached. All four limits are easily adjusted along the range by:

  • Adjusting wheels with 36 positions per turn providing a resolution of one part in 70x36=2,520.
  • Tightening track screws to lock settings.

PAC's rotary limit switches are manufactured and factory tested in our Greendale, WI plant. They are standard on most of our motorized hoists and can also be purchased separately, with or without the enclosure. Typical applications include hoists, movable tables, screw lifts, and linear positioning systems. Pricing discounts are available in quantities over 25.

Rotary Limit Switch Enclosure Options

Model #589W is the switch assembly without an enclosure.
     Model #585W includes a 12" X 8" X 4" enclosure


Component Details

   SPDT snap-action switches

      125/250 VAC, 0.1 amp rating and Gold contacts. 
      Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. listing and CSA approval.
      Prewired #18 AWG red wire - 18 inches long .

   Shaft Dimensions

      INPUT:   3/8 inch diameter, 1-1/2 long with 1-1/4 inch long keyway for 
                    a 3/32 inch square key.

      OUTPUT:   1/4 inch diameter, 5/8 inch long, can be used to drive 
                       potentiometer or similar device.

   Optional Input Sproket

      9 tooth S43 chain sprocket to fit input shaft with key, Peter Albrecht 
      Company Part No. 283X.


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