Scoreboard Hoists

Scoreboard Hoist

Peter Albrecht Company is dedicated to safely and successfully meeting the many challenges of raising and supporting today's state of the art scoreboards. From supplying structural steel, to developing unique component configurations that solve even the toughest installation problems, PAC has equipment and experience customers count for reliable scoreboard hoist systems.



We believe that customers should pay for what is needed, not what is on the shelf. PAC provides custom solutions from our library of hundreds of system designs combined with experience gained from decades of successful installs. An unblemished safety record that spans more than ninety years is a testament to Peter Albrecht Company's expertise and commitment to excellence.

  • System capacities from less than 1,000 lbs to over 50,000 lbs.
  • Scoreboard hoists designed and manufactured in our Greendale, WI plant. Projects can be equipment only or include rigging system design and installation. Installation options include all labor or just supervision.
  • Double-reduction worm gears provide significant built-in safety.
  • Fixed and variable speed drives available.
  • Standard four-element rotary limit switch.
  • Options include slack cable and over-speed detection.

Call us at 1-800-878-6630 or contact us on the web to get started on finding the best scoreboard hoist for your application! 


Scoreboard Hoist Rigging Types
Isometric Sample of Scoreboard Hoist

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