Theatre Stage Rigging
Peter Albrecht
is best known for the design, manufacture, installation and inspection of safe and reliable motorized hoists, tension grids and theater rigging systems. We leverage extensive engineering and application experience to keep our customers safe and our projects on time and in budget.

Standard Product and Services Offering

See our Products Page or contact our professional staff via the Contact Us page or call 1-800-878-6630 for further information.

Rigging Inspection and Safety Evaluations

Many Peter Albrecht rigging systems have been in operation for decades without fail and while "out of sight, out of mind" is a compliment to everyone involved in the original installation, it's not a good operations strategy. Components wear. Routine inspection is a vital part of a successful safety plan.

Why put safety at risk? Contact us today to perform a rigging inspection that fits in your schedule and budget. We pledge prompt and courteous expert service.  If possible, and with your permission, we will correct issues on the spot. Our findings and recommendations will be documented in a written report for your records.


Installation Service

Count on us to provide full installation service or just installation supervision. Either way we'll make sure that the job is done to specification, note approved exceptions, functionally test all equipment and provide training as requested.

Custom Manufacturing and Assembly

Our manufacturing facility is geared to fabrication and assembly of custom motorized hoists, rigging systems and controls. All equipment is assembled under the direct supervision of our engineering professionals. We welcome challenge and can pull from an extensive library of proven designs to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution .

Application Engineering, Design, and Specification Assistance

Our experienced Engineering staff is available for consultation on unique rigging and mechanical machinery issues. We have a vast library of proven product and project designs. Contacting us in the design and specification stage will ensure the best performance and value to building owners.

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