Television, Movie and Music Studios are filled with suspended equipment. The ability to rapidly change highly adaptable A/V and lighting set-ups is important. Motorized rigging systems from Peter Albrecht provide safe, reliable and efficient means of flying equipment so that it is where you need it when you need it.

Peter Albrecht has been in business since 1917 and was one of the first companies in the world to manufacture motorized rigging systems. We pride ourselves on creating cost-effective rigging solutions, a perfect product safety record and build quality that lasts decades.

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Recommended products and services

Lineshaft hoists utilize a single motor to drive multiple cable drums that are spaced several feet apart and are typically located directly above the line set (load) being lifted. This configuration eliminates the need for counterweight and block systems and is well suited for renovations or installations with limited space. Hoists are shipped in sections for ease of transport and installation and are available in customizable drum (lift line) quantity, lifting capacities and travel distances.

Self Climbing Hoists are available with a 500# capacity and are a good choice for applications requiring several hoists in a tight space.

Motorized drum winches are single or dual drum hoists with capability for muliple lines per drum. They are a great solution for four-point suspension of speaker clusters or other loads that are not in a straight line set configuration and for line set applications with remote hoist location. Lifting capacity and travel distance is built to your specification.

Lighting plaks are a Peter Albrecht innovation. These pipe frame structures are used to mount multiple light sets, plug-in strips and sometimes the hoist.

Tension Wire Grids provide a walking surface over performance areas without creating shadows in overhead lighting. They are constructed of aircraft cable woven in 2" squares and fastened to modular steel frames. Grid systems are designed to work with building support and can include pipe railings for lights and removable or hinged panels for equipment raising. Tension grids eliminate the need for lifts and are a great investment in safety and efficiency.

Light Focusing Chairs provide a cost effective and green solution to our winches.

FlexLlift is a small, one or two line, 399 lb capacity hoist that weighs less than 100 lbs and uses 120V supply. Wireless remote control is available. FlexiLift is a great choice for banners, suspended pieces and chandeliers requiring less than 40 feet of travel.

Pile-On hoists are available for single-line applications with loads or travel distances greater than the FlexiLift's capacity. They are often a great choice for large chandeliers.

Rotary Limit Switches can be used to control any of our products, or can be retrofitted to work with an elevator, crane, or any other commercial or industrial system.

Cable reels simplify bulb replacement by allow chandeliers to remain lit when lowered.

Application engineering services puts our team of experienced designers to work creating rigging that is safe and fits in your space.

Installation and inspection services are available on a time and material basis.