Worship facilities often utilize lights, speakers and screens to help deliver messages. Peter Albrecht can help by designing safe and affordable motorized rigging systems to handle AV and lighting equipment or to simply lower suspended pieces for seasonal changes.  Automation saves time and provides a safer maintenance environment by eliminating the need to climb ladders.

We have designed, manufactured, serviced and/or installed hundreds of systems for both new construction and renovation. Your message is clear. Contact us to help create a place where it will be delivered safely and reliably.

Recommended products and services

Flexilift is a small, one or two line, 399 lb capacity hoist that weighs less than 100 lbs and uses 120V supply. Wireless remote control is available. FlexiLift is a great choice for banners, suspended pieces and chandeliers requiring less than 40 feet of travel.

Pile-On hoists are available for single-line applications with loads or travel distances greater than the FlexiLift's capacity.

Lineshaft hoists come from our heritage in theater and are used to meet requirements of two or more cables. These hoists provide faster operation, much greater lifting capacity and can be easily customized.

Cable reels simplify bulb replacement by allow chandeliers to remain lit when lowered.

Application engineering services puts our team of experienced designers to work creating rigging that is safe and fits in your space.

Installation and inspection services are available on a time and material basis.